Express your concerns about potential compliance breaches: Allianz Suisse’s reporting channels.

At Allianz, we are stronger together. We rely on our strong values and principles. We treat each other with respect, we act with integrity, we are transparent and we tell the truth.

The Allianz whistleblower system gives you the opportunity to inform us about breaches of legal regulations and/or compliance rules and thus help to bring them to light.

Adherence to statutory regulations and internal compliance rules is Allianz’s highest priority. Breaches must be identified at an early stage in order to initiate appropriate countermeasures and prevent possible damage to customers, employees, business partners and the company.
In order to find out about serious breaches in the company in a timely manner and follow up appropriately on information provided, Allianz has set up several reporting channels. Through these, both Allianz employees and outsiders can provide information on potential bribery offences, fraud, anti-trust violations, breaches of the Anti-Money Laundering Act or infringements of accounting regulations, for example.

If you have specific, well-founded indications of breaches of the law or regulations at Allianz or suspect that such breaches are occurring, you have the following options for contacting the responsible compliance unit:

  • You can send an e-mail to:
  • You can use our reporting tool. Allianz operates a reporting tool through which you can send us information – including anonymously. The reporting tool enables secure and confidential communication between the person providing the information and Compliance via an anonymised inbox.

It is helpful to our investigation team if you provide your name and/or an e-mail address when submitting the report. This will allow us to contact you if we have any further questions. However, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, we will respect your decision and your concern will still be investigated.

Allianz does not tolerate retaliatory measures of any kind against individuals who make a report in good faith. This applies even if an investigation fails to confirm the allegations made.

Your information will be treated confidentially. We take appropriate measures to handle all information received with care and to safeguard the interests of all persons involved. All data provided will be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: This communication channel is not intended for complaints or claims notifications that are not related to misconduct or a breach of external regulations or internal company rules. Complaints related to an insurance policy or one of our services should be made through the channel below:
Claims notifications related to an insurance policy should be made through the channel below: